Continued Growth requires Deeper Knowledge

See the moving parts of your business, how they interact, and what changes can drive growth — at a fraction of the overhead.

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Why TypeSift?

Acquiring new Analytics and Business Intelligence systems can definitely drive growth! The reality is implementing them is often harder, longer and riskier than planned. TypeSift will shorten the timeline, significantly reduce cost and let you focus on your business growth.

Meet your Objectives Quickly

Meet your Objectives Quickly

TypeSift is less complex and requires fewer people to deploy so you will get results quickly and focus on leveraging new analytics to grow your business.

Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

Because TypeSift is so heavily automated, it requires only a third the size of a team to manage the platform, compared to traditional approaches. This can save up to 70% in long-term maintenance costs.

Faster Time to Market

Faster Time to Market

TypeSift is a single, fully integrated platform, so you can start delivering better analytics for your organizations in no time rather than becoming a tech guru.

Ease of Proficiency

Ease of Proficiency

The modules in TypeSift are easy to learn. There’s no need for extensive training so TypeSift can be used by more people in your organization.

How TypeSift helps Deliver Growth

TypeSift enables its unique value by combining four key processes under a single, unified platform: Connecting Systems, Reporting and Analytics, Collaboration, and Future Planning.

Connect Systems

TypeSift allows you to unlock the information in siloed systems like ERPs, POS, Excel files and more to create a consistent view of your business from a central location.

See the Parts

Quickly break down data by regions, locations, Lines of Business, products, timelines and more using natural language. Create reports that will identify patterns for growth.

Collaborate & Share

Easily share your findings with others and capture contextual information in a collaborative way, saving this information as historical background.

Future Planning

With this past performance insight, Typesift will help you start to plan for future growth with its fully integrated FP&A module.