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We started with a simple idea: Type questions and sift through charts. 

What we found was clients needed just as much help getting their data cleaned, prepped, and organized. Reporting was just one step in the Decision Feedback Loop. 

We helped with Business Intelligence roadmaps and writing scripts to clean and model their data. But there was a problem: What our customers needed was a dedicated, in-house team to build and manage their decision infrastructure. 

They were at an impasse. Should they invest in all the time, talent and technology needed to build a complete Decision Feedback Loop? Could they justify a $0.5M to $1M per year budget to do this? The answer was often No.

The ultimate Catch 22 for CFOs is they want to use data to improve their EBITDA, but they'd have to hurt EBITDA first to do it.

But we were a group of Data Analysts, Business Intelligence Managers, Engineers and Finance experts. We knew how to quickly stand-up corporate decision infrastructure. We knew a lot of it could be automated and that our customers could outsource the rest.

With this in mind we pivoted to build one system that let our customers clean, package and even resell their own data. A system that allowed them to build robust Decision Feedback Loops. And a system that gave them more flexibility around staffing and resourcing. This is truly when TypeSift was born.

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Abhijeet Sarkar founded Typesift as he is always looking for new ways to solve problems. His life dream has always been to be an entrepreneur, a trait he inherited from his parents. With his over 10+ years of software engineering experience working for consulting firms and in the Retail, Telco and Finance industries, he wanted to find an easier and more agile way to use data for business decisions.

He has a BSc from University of Waterloo in Mechatronics Engineering and is a CFA charterholder. Abhijeet is an avid reader, skiier, and loves tackling difficult problems.

Nick Sleeth brings over 25 years of experience in the area of B2B technology, sales and marketing. He has lead teams of more than 40 employees, but enjoys most the opportunity to work closely with each team member and client as they buy into a vision and strategy that will make them successful. He has a BSc from the University of Western Ontario in Computer Sciences and Statistics. Nick is an avid sportsman enjoying squash, golf, coaching soccer and skiing when the conditions are at their best.

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