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The Passion that Drives Us

It started with a nagging problem It’s not enough to say that we’re passionate about data. That’s because there are so many clichés about how data is the new oil and how it helps companies “make better business decisions”. But in 2020 data isn’t just something that helps companies “make better decisions”, it’s the tool

5 Quick Wins New CFOs can bring to up-and-coming b...

5 Quick Wins New CFOs can bring to up-and-coming brands There’s nothing quite like getting in at the ground floor and building something from scratch. We should know! But one of the challenges of being a new addition to the C-Suite, especially as a CFO, is the sudden shock you may encounter when stepping through

6 ways to make a financial audit less painful

Six Steps to a Less Painful Financial Audit What’s in this for you? Picture this: A group of analysts from an external firm is held-up in one of your board rooms. They’ll be there for the next three weeks. They’re running a standard financial audit on your numbers. Chances are both parties want this financial

How to avoid this one mistake in Analytics

One Major Analytics Mistake and How to Avoid it What’s in this for you? Imagine this: You’re the CXO of a cool, upstart brand that’s growing. Growth is all about more—more sales, more products, more channels, more people. But it also means more expense lines on the profit and loss (P&L). So, while growth is

3 Ways Analytics can lower risk and save money on ...

Three Analytics Solutions to Lower Risk and Save Money on a New ERP What’s in this for you? Most people think of Reporting, Planning, and Analytics (RP&A) as “downstream” activities. After all, how can you do any reporting or analysis if you don’t have an enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendor or a point of sale

Crossing the Data Chasms: What’s the ROI?

Data Analytics and ROI: Ready to Cross the Data Chasms? What’s in this for you? What’s the Return on Investment (ROI) for analytics? Ah, this is a classic question that a lot of companies ask, especially when investigating analytics for the first time. It’s also a bit of a trap. That’s because the ROI on

Traditional vs. Minimalist. Which Analytics is rig...

Traditional vs. Minimalist. Which Analytics is right for you? What’s in this for you? There are so many tools, technologies, and buzz words in data and analytics that it can easily make your head spin. The challenge is in understanding which of these are right for your business. In the early days, companies chose their

How to Run Lean through COVID-19

How to run Lean through COVID-19 What’s in this for you? In a way, we’re all startups again thanks to the pandemic. We’re all looking for ways to run as lean as possible. Businesses with significant fixed costs (such as rent or overhead) or with only one sales channel (i.e., in-store) have felt the strain.

How the Pandemic will Change Retail Forever

Different areas of the US and Canada are at various stages of re-opening for business from the Covid virus. Regardless of what stage a country is in, companies are staying cautiously hopeful that things will start to go back to the way things were. Unfortunately, the idea of going back to how things were depends

Three Investments Companies will Make During COVID...

Three Investments Companies will Make during COVID-19 Consumer habits changed overnight as we were forced into lockdown. Even as businesses reopened, the habits and preferences of consumers continue to evolve as we strive towards a ‘new normal.’ As we mentioned in our previous article, economic recovery will be about innovation as companies seek out different