Reporting, Planning & Analytics

An End-to-End Platform that Meets the Dynamic Needs of High Growth Brands

The TypeSift Difference


Powerful Integrations

TypeSift provides you with a drag and drop interface to connect, shape and clean your data:
  1. Connect into enterprise systems like your ERP, CRM, Points-of-Sale, or plain old spreadsheets
  2. Join, Union, Pivot and shape your data, and then clean spelling mistakes, apply 1:1 replacements, derive new values and apply calculations
  3. Use TypeSift’s built-in Data Warehouse Automation to create a connected, consolidated, 360-Degree view of the business

Ask More Questions

Think it. Type it. Sift it. Enter keywords and generate charts and graphs on the fly. Then sift through the numbers to find your answer.
  1. Query across the entire data warehouse, not just a siloed data set
  2. Compose dashboards and banded reports
  3. Use TypeSift’s Query Language to build complex multi-step analyses while writing up to 80% less code

More than just Dashboards

TypeSift helps you bring your entire organization together to collaborate around your data:
  1. Take snapshots and version control your reports to compare changes over time
  2. Have discussions and annotate the snapshotted data
  3. Allow analysts to provide essay-style commentaries on corporate performance

Report to Plan in One Step

TypeSift allows you to build forecast and plan models directly on top of the modelled data warehouse and move between planning and reporting model with a few clicks.
  1. Create top-down budgets and forecasts
  2. Provide bottom-up plans
  3. Create what-if scenarios and vary the interaction between different parts of the business
  4. Use exception reporting to highlight actuals that break outside of expected boundaries

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