Build Dataflows

Start with TypeSift’s drag & drop interface, connecting to corporate systems, independent databases, flat files or scraped web pages, and flow data into TypeSift. TypeSift lets you build an Enterprise Data Model that provides a consolidated view of the business.

Transform &

Clean and transform data on the fly by resolving duplicates, spelling mistakes, or applying basic business rules like exchange rate calculations.

Security &

Create personalized Views and Data Marts through role-based security so that everyone can have a personalized yet consistent experience while still protecting confidentiality of information.

See the Parts


With your data consolidated in TypeSift, you can start building standardized reports for distribution, either in-app or through email.

Unlock Insights

Using natural language and a few simple clicks, you will easily identify business trends across different functional areas, rolling up data sets of different granularities.

Collaborate & Share


TypeSift allows businesses to capture institutional and contextual knowledge directly in the system by writing Articles around snapshotted reports. Others can respond to the analyses through comments.

Future Planning

Plan for
next steps

Typesift’s Forecasting, Planning and Analysis (FP&A) allows users to move from report to plan in a single step. Override auto-generated forecasts with your own expectations, see how that breaks down across the entire enterprise, and then track your forecast accuracy as actual results roll in.